Our Purpose: Empowering People and Organizations to Reach Their Full Potential

Kanbrick is a long-term investment partnership founded by Tracy Britt Cool and Brian Humphrey to provide founders and owners a differentiated option vs. traditional private equity. We were both shaped by growing up in family businesses in Kansas and our experience transforming a company as CEO and CFO. We learned that great things are built “brick by brick” through hard work, discipline, and incredible people. Our name, Kanbrick, recognizes these two critical influences that define us and our approach.

Our Approach: We are long-term business builders who happen to invest…

We are a differentiated option focused on building enduring businesses for decades vs. maximizing short-term value. Our approach is differentiated by our:


Long Time Horizon

We think in decades not quarters, and strive to own businesses for the long-term vs. selling companies every 3-5 years


Business Builder Mindset

We’ve led businesses as CEO and CFO, understand the challenges (and joys) of running a business, and know great companies aren’t built in spreadsheets


Focus on People & Culture

We have lived in a special culture and are driven by our purpose of empowering people and organizations to reach their full potential

Kanbrick Business System

The Kanbrick Business System (KBS) is a hands-on approach we’ve built working across numerous companies and learning from world-class performers. In general, we have found that most midsized companies – including ours – have similar opportunities and challenges across attracting and developing talent, strategic planning, KPIs, allocating capital, driving growth, and creating a cadence to manage the business. KBS provides a people and purpose centric framework to address these challenges to build enduring organizations and drive sustainable growth.


jm test
JM Test Systems is leading calibration services and testing business that has been serving customers for over 40 years.
Marine Concepts is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom boat cover systems
Thirty-One Gifts is a leading social seller of bags, storage products, and accessories
I’m proud of how we’ve grown Marine Concepts from a simple invention for my friends’ and my boats to a world-class product that solves one of the most common pain points for boaters everywhere. Kanbrick has the experience to help us take Marine Concepts to the next level, and I’m excited to partner with the team to strengthen our future.
Marine Concepts
Kanbrick awakened our business in ways that I did not realize were possible in such a short amount of time. After 17 years of being the Founder and Owner of Thirty-One Gifts, we had opportunities that had become difficult to see working so closely to the business. Kanbrick helped us simplify, prioritize, and focus on the core of our business. They were able to come along side of our team to quickly drive necessary change, efficiently help us simplify, and get focused on what we need to move into our next season of opportunity.
Thirty-One Gifts



Tracy Britt Cool

Tracy Britt Cool is Co-Founder of Kanbrick, a long-term investment partnership focused on acquiring and building great companies.

Tracy worked at Berkshire Hathaway from 2009-2020. She spent five years at Berkshire headquarters in Omaha as the Financial Assistant to the Chairman, and five years as Chief Executive Officer of Pampered Chef, a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary based in Chicago.

Additionally, she served on the boards of several Berkshire Hathaway companies including Kraft Heinz, Benjamin Moore, Oriental Trading Company, Larson Juhl, and Johns Manville. Tracy continues to serve on the board of EverArc Holdings.

A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School, she is the co-founder of Smart Woman Securities, an organization that provides personal finance and investment education to undergraduate women.


Brian Humphrey

Brian Humphrey is Co-founder of Kanbrick, a long-term investment partnership focused on acquiring and building great companies.

Most recently, Brian served as Chief Financial Officer of Pampered Chef, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. There, he helped transform the business, leading several key areas including finance, analytics, and sales.

Previously, Brian served as an investment professional at Audax Private Equity. He is a graduate of Duke University and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Brian resides in Chicago with his wife and children.

Our Core Values: How We Live and Work


Live with Integrity


Act like an Owner


Get Better Every Day


Win Together