April 5, 2021

Strategy: Three Questions (Part 3)

Strategic Planning Part 3: How do we get there?
April 5, 2021

Strategy: Three Questions (Part 2)

Strategic Planning Part 2: Where are we going?
April 2, 2021

Strategy: Three Questions (Part 1)

Strategic Planning Part 1: Where are we today?


A Warren Buffett Protégée Strikes Out on Her Own

Tracy Britt Cool spent a decade working closely with the renowned investor. She is now applying those lessons to her own firm.

The New York Times
July 16, 2022

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Warren Buffett’s Protégé Is Building a Mini Berkshire

Like her mentor, Tracy Britt Cool looks for founder-run companies with ‘moats,’ but she doesn’t share his hands-off-approach

Chip Cutter, Wall Street Journal
April 9, 2022

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Kanbrick 2022 Annual Letter: Business Insider

Warren Buffett’s protégé warns of dangerous speculation in markets — and compares the meme-stock boom to the Dutch tulip bubble

Theron Mohamed, Business Insider
April 6, 2022

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Warren Buffett’s former deputy just published her first annual letter since quitting to build her own Berkshire Hathaway.

Warren Buffett's former deputy, who quit Berkshire Hathaway to build her own conglomerate last year, just published her first annual letter.

Theron Mohamed, Business Insider
April 7, 2021

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Warren Buffett’s former deputy is launching a support program for mid-sized businesses

Tracy Britt Cool left Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway last year to cofound Kanbrick, and the investment firm now plans to help a handful of executives boost their companies' long-term growth.

Theron Mohamed, Business Insider
January 12, 2021

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Warren Buffett Protege to Leave Berkshire, Start Own Firm

Tracy Britt Cool says she wants to work with companies ‘too small for Berkshire’

Nicole Friedman, Wall Street Journal
September 18, 2019

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