Kanbrick Community

The Kanbrick Community is an invitation-only, highly curated community of CEOs, founders, owners, and select C-suite executives leading exceptional businesses. While our members run a wide range of businesses, they’re united by a collective drive to take their companies to the next level.


More than a Network

There are a lot of different “networks” for business leaders. The Kanbrick Community is more than just a network — it was created to be the kind of resource our founders wished they had access to as company leaders. Our goal is to first bring together like-minded business leaders who are humble, thoughtful, purpose driven, and committed to improving every day. We create lasting value by sharing practical tools that can directly impact your business.


While there are lots of resources for start-ups or Fortune 500 companies, there are few resources for the unique challenges faced by midsize companies. We created the Kanbrick Community to be what we wanted when leading companies. It brings together leaders to grow and learn together and includes proven tools and systems, exclusive programming, and invitation-only events designed to help drive long-term success
Tracy Britt Cool
Kanbrick Co-Founder

Exclusive Community Resources

The Kanbrick Community is offered at no cost, and includes access to proven business building opportunities that drive lasting value.


Best-in-class Content, Toolkits, and Playbooks

From the Kanbrick Business System, built from our experience as Operators, Investors, and Board Members.


Invitation-Only Programs and Events

Engage more deeply on Community topics, hear from guest speakers who have tackled similar challenges, and connect with other business leaders.


Trusted Resources

Members share resources to help tackle hard problems together. We share benchmarking survey results, preferred vendors, and more.

About Our Members

We are a community of thoughtful leaders who want to learn, share, and grow together. Our Community includes leaders from a wide range of companies and sizes, but we believe it is most impactful to CEOs, owners, and founders within these general parameters:

  • Role: Exclusively for CEOs, founders, owners, and select C-suite executives.
  • Size: Companies that have $20M to $500M in sales find the most value in our Community.
  • Location: 95%+ of our members are located in North America, but we welcome exceptional leaders from across the globe.
  • Industry: We find that the Community drives the most value for companies across Consumer, Industrial, and Business Services industries, but we welcome other industry leaders.
  • Structure: Most of the companies in our Community are privately held, family and founder-owned businesses.




Kanbrick CEO and Owner Summit – Omaha, NE

Invitation-only event that brings an intimate group of CEOs and owners together for workshops, engaging conversations, and great guest speakers. This event also offers an opportunity to experience the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting.

Business Builders – Nashville, TN –

Annual event that brings business leaders across the Community together for breakout sessions, panel discussions, guest speakers, and unique network opportunities. Sign up to receive more information here.

Local Community Meet Ups

Opportunities for our Community to connect at a local level in cities across the U.S.


Build with Kanbrick

Highly-selective 3-month Kanbick Community program for CEOs and owners to accelerate long-term business growth. Learn more.


Webinar series that dives deep into aspects of the Kanbrick Business System, with topics including talent acquisition, strategic planning, KPIs, and more.


Brick by Brick

Monthly digest that highlights the latest business building content, opportunities, and events.


Exclusive findings from surveys most relevant to our Community. Past surveys include employee compensation benchmarking, family business trends, and preferred vendors.

Resources, Scorecards, Toolkits

Best-in-class tools, playbooks, and practical resources—from strategy on a page and key KPIs, to how to run a town hall meeting, we offer tools to help take your business to the next level.

Kanbrick’s Role

At Kanbrick, we are guided by our purpose of empowering people and organizations to reach their full potential. We love to meet CEOs, founders, owners, and executives, and our Kanbrick Community ensures that we regularly meet interesting leaders, build meaningful relationships, and learn about a variety of industries.

Our Community goal is to share value through our learnings, experiences, and relationships that help build enduring businesses. That includes deep dives with the Kanbrick team, and access to tools like our Kanbrick Business System that can help midsize companies drive growth for the long term.


Hear From Our Community


We are continuously growing our community. We take a highly selective approach to curate a community of thoughtful, humble leaders who want to take their businesses to the next level. The Kanbrick Community is offered at no cost, by invitation only.

If you are a CEO, founder, owner, or C-Suite executive interested in applying to join our Community, or you would like to nominate a leader, please complete the form below and we will reach out to you with additional information.