Jamie Shah

BY Jen Montealegre

June 10, 2023


“I am incredibly grateful to the Kanbrick team for the generosity with their time, best practices and network. The team is incredibly approachable and talented! As a second-generation operator of my family’s business, it has been comforting to interact with other family and founder-led businesses grappling with similar challenges. Finding high-quality resources for businesses of our size and ownership structure can be difficult, which made this experience particularly valuable. The hands-on operating experience of the team has made the program relatable and practical– The projects I chose to work on were concrete and actionable, rather than mere academic exercises. Lastly, it was incredibly rewarding collaborating with the rest of the cohort. Everyone brought insightful questions and thought provoking insight to the conversation, making it a pleasure to work through this journey with them. ”
Jamie Shah
MD, Chem Impex