Jeffrey C Hunter

BY Jen Montealegre

December 7, 2022


“It was an honor to be exposed to the cumulative wisdom and next level tactics, strategy, and applied experience of the Kanbrick team. Equally as valuable, was to also learn from other founders and operators of larger companies, who are further into their journey than we are here at Storyteller. A rapidly growing company of any size would benefit tremendously from a healthy dose of Kanbrick’s diligent approach to long-term, flexible, sustainable value creation. Kanbrick’s approach is profoundly superior to the prevailing short term obsessed investing universe that masquerades as “high performance” in so many boardrooms and capital markets these days. I have no doubt that BWK will do a lot of good for its affiliated companies across a number of industries as the program and Kanbrick community continues to grow.”
Jeffrey C Hunter
Founder / Chairman / CEO, Storeyteller Overland, LLC