Sarah Weiss

BY Jen Montealegre

December 3, 2022


“Over three months’ time the Kanbrick team shared their recipe for success with myself and the other CEO’s in our cohort and the impact on my company, Elite Roofing Supply, was immediate. As a result, we have already implemented a new hiring process enabling us to better evaluate talent and, most importantly, it ensures leadership team alignment from the start. They also helped us think through how to operationalize an annual review of KPI’s and how to attract the kind of talent we need to take our business to the next level. I’m in YPO and other peer groups which are great, but Build with Kanbrick created an immediate connection with other growth oriented CEO’s and provided real world examples that will help us take Elite to a new level. I am forever grateful for the Kanbrick team’s investment in me and my business and have built strong relationships with my cohort that will extend beyond the length of the program.”
Sarah Weiss
President & CEO, Elite Roofing Supply